Feliberto Pereira: a life of passionate compassion

An unforgettable true story of suffering and faith that will leave you inspired to serve others

Feliberto PereiraFeliberto has touched the lives of thousands of America's youth with his life-changing message of passion and purpose through service to others--especially the hidden world of the poor.

As a young Christian pastor on the island nation of Cuba, Feliberto thrived—until Fidel Castro's Communist regime came to power. Because he would not cave into Castro's demand to deny his Christian faith, Feliberto was eventually sent to prison camps where he nearly starved to death. But God had a plan for Feliberto's life, and Feliberto never gave up hope during nearly four years of unimaginable suffering. And when the American government eventually came to Feliberto's rescue, offering him and thousands of other Cubans airplane flights to freedom, Feliberto arrived in America with the clothes on his back and a promise in his heart.

Today, as a proud citizen of the United States, Feliberto lives out that promise: a life of compassion, offering hope for the hidden world of the poor. Through his personal testimony, Feliberto helps young people discover meaning, passion and purpose for their lives through compassion and service to others.



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Special note to Youth Ministers

Based on one of the last teachings of Jesus before His death, from Matthew 25, Feliberto's book answers three questions on every Christian's mind:

1. When God calls on me to standup for what I know is right, will I be ready?

2. When God calls on us to serve others in need of caring, will I know how?

3. When I serve God, what will other people think?

Feliberto wants to help Christians, especially youth, answer these questions for themselves. We hope you will consider purchasing Feliberto's book for youth group. It will help them learn about developing a compassionate heart by serving others.

Feliberto's book teaches young people that no matter what a teenager or young adult might think of his or her ability to make a difference in service to God, God wants and God needs them to fulfill His work on Earth.



I Was A Stranger: Hope for a Hidden World is the true story of modern-day Good Samaritan

Feliberto and children at Casa Bethel orphanageYoung people have a heart for serving others; They just need guidance on how to activate their passion for compassion.

Jesus noticed the people we tend to overlook in life. In fact, He cares about the very people we sometimes want to ignore. For followers of Jesus, loving our neighbor is not optional. We're commanded to love others as much as we love ourselves. And with recent news of rising rates of poverty, unemployment and homelessness, Christians are needed now more than ever to serve our neighbors in need.

There are over 2,000 references in the Bible to helping others in need. Feliberto Pereira knows the despair of poverty and pain and the joy of hope and resurrection.  I was a Stranger: Hope for a Hidden World (Brown Books) is his unforgettable life story of compassion—and how he learned it through personal suffering—that will leave readers forever changed and prepared to answer the question: When you're asked to help another person, will you know what to do?